What is a Freelancer?

A freelancer, or independent contractor, is a self-employed individual who doesn’t have to commit to a single, long-term employer. Instead, they work independently for several different companies or clients. Freelancers usually earn money on a per-job basis, charging hourly or daily rates for their work. Freelance work is usually short-term.

Some of the most common freelance jobs are within creative industries such as graphic design, copywriting, or photography; however, freelancers can work in almost any service-based industry, such as translation, consulting, or catering.

What responsibilities do they have?

Freelancer runs their own business, which brings a lot of extra work with it: administration, accounts, marketing, contracts, invoices and all the other stuff that your average worker doesn’t have to juggle alongside their actual job.

This is why the idea of the relaxing life of a freelancer is a myth. Not only do they have to do the job they’re trained in, but they also have to learn how to do all the other essentials – and find the time to do them all, of course.

It can be a tough life, but it can be incredibly rewarding as well. Either way, it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted.


Freedom of Clients

Being a freelancer will give you the ability to choose your clients and work simultaneously.


As a freelancer, you can choose when and where you work. If you’re a night owl, you can work the entire night and sleep in until noon without ever having to leave the house. Additionally, you will have the ability to choose and focus on the projects that are meaningful to you.


This is an advantage because you can choose to work alone, with a team or where your comfortable doing so.

Earn More

Freelancers have the potential to make more money and earn more than an average full-time employee. Imagine dealing contracts directly with businesses and companies and getting the full payment for the services you provided.

Happier and Healthier

Studies have found that freelancers are happier and healthier, both mentally and physically than traditional workers.


More Responsibilities

You are running a business, therefore, you are in charge of getting and managing all your clients.

Not Getting Paid

There are instances that freelancers don’t get paid for the services they have provided. So as an independent contractor, you have to be smart on dealing with contracts.

No Benefits

One of the perks of working for someone else is that the employer will handle all of your health or retirement benefits or bonuses like paid vacations or profit-sharing. Purchasing your own health insurance is often more expensive than what is offered by an employer.

Inconsistent Work

There are months when there’s a ton of work to complete and the paychecks are more than you expected. However, the work may dry up and the next month you’re only making half of what you made the previous month. As an employee, at least you know how much your paycheck is going to be each month so that you can budget accordingly.

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